Vscale is a russian cloud platform, like DigitalOcean.


IP addresses are updated every hour. If the instances are restarted too quickly, they will have the same IP address.

Get started

Step 1: Get your Vscale credentials

See Get Vscale credentials.

Remember your token.

Step 2: Create a SSH key for the project

See Create a SSH key.

Remember your SSH key name (mykey).

Step 3: Create an image

See Create an image.

Remember your image name (forward-proxy).

Step 4: Update configuration

Open conf.json:

  "providers": {
    "type": "vscale",
    "vscale": {
      "token": "YOUR PERSONAL TOKEN",
      "region": "YOUR REGION (could be: msk0, spb0)",
      "name": "YOUR SERVER NAME",
      "sshKeyName": "YOUR SSH KEY (could be: mykey)",
      "plan": "YOUR PLAN (could be: small)"

And update config with your parameters.

Configure Scrapoxy

Options: vscale

Option Default value Description
token none Credentials for Vscale
region none Vscale region (example: msk0, spb0)
sshKeyName none Name of the SSH key
plan none Type of plan (example: small)
name Proxy Name of the scalet
imageName none Name of the image (for the proxy scalet)
maxRunningInstances 10 It is a security limit. Scrapoxy cannot create new instances if the current count and the count of new instances exceeds this limit